An artist that loves to be identified with drums, raw synths and dogged rhythm. The same tone that today comes from his hardware machines and that characterizes his productions, giving him the chance to be appreciated all around the globe. Owner of “PicNic34” and “JT series” labels, among the many qualities that could better describe him, there is definitely spontaneity, which flows in his real time

His skills and talent are showed well already from Paris (Rex Club) to Moscow (ARMA17) or Berlin’s
Katerholzig by impressive livesets, hypnotic vinyl sets or expressionist solo piano improvisations during the last years.
His latest live performance is a classical duo band with his violinist sister Dora Toth and an electro-acoustic trio called Rescend.

He releases vinyls on Andrew Rasse’s (Butane) Alphahouse Records since 2010, producing also for the famous berlinien Little Helpers label, owned by Someone Else & Butane.

While working on instrumental piano-based ambient music for different movie projects, his releasing interesting peices on the canadian New Kanada label of Adam Marshall since 2014.
His latest movie soundtrack for the Cyclemehome will be released in cinemas in autumn of 2015.

In 2015 Andras established his own small vinyl label called Akkult collaborated with the Contra Mundum familia, and they made their first release “Reallyshould” on vinyl format in August, 2015.