An artist that loves to be identified with drums, raw synths and dogged rhythm. The same tone that today comes from his hardware machines and that characterizes his productions, giving him the chance to be appreciated all around the globe.
Owner of “PicNic34” and “JT series” labels, among the many qualities that could better describe him, there is definitely spontaneity, which flows in his real time recorded tracks.
 Starting really young (in 2001) he had driven all around the best clubs in Milan, with his inseparable vinyl bag. From his hometown, his flair and charisma to bewitch the dancefloor bled into the whole Italy. All this expertise has culminated with the residence behind the desk of “Innovative” at Lime Light and “Detroit Milano”, some years later.

Landing in Ibiza in 2006, he got the opportunity to spin at the well known Space for the Carl Cox Night. While working at Vinyl Club records shop, he spent a lot of time with different artists and his interest in music production started to gain the upper hand. Sonorities from Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Maurizio or Underground Resistance, as much as Master at Work and Paul Johnson, have been his first inspirations.
 So slightly later – in 2011 – Mannella started a new raw Techno project with two friends: M-A-E. Quickly loved and noted, it led to manifold collaborations with EDEC Music Outlet. Moving to Berlin in 2014, he has already grab the eye playing in the historic Tresor’s cage and in many other big clubs in town such About Blank, Arena Club, Suicide Circus or Griessmuehle where he is hosting -with some raising berliners talents- a party named “Decipher Language”. Mannella is nowadays one of the most esteemed talent in underground music scene.

His latest vision of music is linked with knobs, patch and a friendly relationship with those instruments that allow him to process his personal cosmic sound.
Mannella is hardly working on “PicNic34” and “Jtseries”, creating sick beats with artists such Blawan, Vladislav Delay, Cristian Vogel, The Analogue Cops, Sunil Sharpe and many more are ready to be on board. Beside this he has been absorbed to build up his distinctive rhythm, enjoyable during his unique hardware live performance under the alias of DAHRAXT.