Unbekannt is an Italian Techno dj & Producer. Started his carreer in Italy in 2006 where he started to approch his passion for electronic music . He began to collect and playing records until he raised in Berlin in 2010, where he found his inspiration to Techno music.
He started a project with his friend and pushed from the same passion, they started to improve 
their skills and music knowledge. Once in the techno capital, Get Serious had the opportunity to perform in the local scene clubs like Arena, Mikz, Sysyphos,Suicide Circus and got a residency at Fiesere Miese. 
In April 2012 came the first gig in Tresor, which marked the beginning of a collaboration which still continues today.
Mad for music production, they finally established their own style during lifetime in Berlin, where they understood that Techno was their way; their style can be seen as a strong Detroit and Dub influenced Techno, melodic, bit dark sometimes but surely soulful. 
Unbekannt (UBK) is seeking for new influences and wants to try to produce his own vision of music, wich will have more dark and hypnotic influences. He will always delivering strong and powerful set that are characterized by good mixing skills sharpened through a long experience.
He will keep collaborating with both projects .